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GOOOH aims to change the way we select candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives. It is not a political party, but rather a process for finding a true citizen representative who will serve the people of his district. It is a system that will allow you and your neighbors to choose, among yourselves, a candidate who will truly represent you. GOOOH members in each congressional district will select a candidate to compete against the incumbent in the primary in 2012.


An online mock selection session will allow you to participate in a shortened version of the process to see how it works. GOOOH encourages Americans of every political leaning to participate in the selection of their District's Representative. Each will be considered themselves. Those with extreme views are unlikely to be chosen, but it is up to the members who participate to decide who can best represent their district.


Even if you do not wish to become your district's representative you will want to participate in the process and have a direct say in who is chosen. Our online mock selection sessions pool interested parties from around the country so that all can experience the process from the comfort of their home, via telephone.


To participate in one of the phone sessions enter your name, email address, and phone number into the form below. Next, choose either for or against on each of the 20 questions. Then choose a date and time from the drop down menu below the questions or choose next available date. When done, submit your information. You will then be contacted about joining a session.


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GOOOH Mock Selection Session Training Video and Questionnaire** TPIC **Download GOOOH Questionnaire PDF

We recommend you watch the video before proceeding - but it is not required. There are no right or wrong answers. You are guaranteed to score 100 on this test!

Fill out the following information by voting FOR or AGAINST each of the questions, double check your answers and select "DONE!" Then click "Submit."

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01 Will you vote for or against amending the Constitution to exclude people with a law degree from serving in the House of Representatives? For Against
02 Will you vote for or against amending the Constitution to specifically affirm that we are a nation under God, but no person can be forced to participate in worship at any time or in any way? For Against
03 Will you vote for or against defining marriage as the union between any two people (of legal age)? For Against
04 Will you vote for or against electing our president with a popular vote, replacing the Electoral College? For Against
05 Will you vote for or against reducing farm subsidy allocations by at least 25% each year you are in office? For Against
06 Will you vote for or against limiting foreign aid to ten or less countries in any year? For Against
07 Will you vote for or against a balanced budget amendment, with exceptions only for periods of declared war, a declining annual GDP, or in the event of a major natural disaster? For Against
08 Will you vote for or against replacing the current tax system with the FairTax as proposed by Linder and Boortz? For Against
09 Will you vote for or against a National Health Care System, funded with tax dollars and controlled by the federal government, that provides health care to every American citizen? For Against
10 Will you vote for or against allowing citizens who are mentally sound, older than their "life expectancy" and terminally ill, to opt for euthanasia? For Against
11 Will you vote for or against reducing the cost per inmate, estimated at ~ $30,000 per year, by 10% each year, until the number is less than the national average spent on public education? For Against
12 Will you vote for or against eliminating the federal Department of Education and returning all authority to the states over a period of four years or less? For Against
13 Will you vote for or against a law that requires the removal of the bottom 3% of teachers in each school district each year? For Against
14 Will you vote for or against life in prison or the death penalty, on the first offense, for rapists and child molesters? For Against
15 Will you vote for or against a penalty of at least twenty years in prison, on the first offense, for non-minor dealers who sell drugs to minors? For Against
16 Will you vote for or against requiring that birth control pills be made available, for free, to all teenage girls? For Against
17 Will you vote for or against changing the retirement age to sixty-nine immediately, and index the retirement age for those under the age of fifty to "life expectancy" minus five years? For Against
18 Will you vote for or against lifetime prison terms for those who possess a gun while committing a felonious act? For Against
19 Will you vote for or against only applying the Endangered Species Act to animals that are larger in mass than a golf ball (i.e. eliminate protection for species such as crickets and spiders)? For Against
20 Will you vote for or against granting citizenship to a child born in this country whose mother is not a U.S. citizen, not married to a U.S. citizen, or not in the country legally? For Against
21 Please double check your answers (Be sure to select Sch Date and Time) DONE!
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